We develop a communication umbrella for the innovation communication of the EY Start-up Challenge on the topic "Internet of Things and Industry 4.0".






The communication umbrella for the EY Start-up Challenge 2015 was to pose the question of the future of the Internet of Things. The aim was to attract start-ups to the Challenge. The competition is designed to give founders with groundbreaking ideas access to cooperation partners and investors. The established industry benefits in the form of impetus.


First, we created a bilingual motto that “anteasts” the ambiguity of the topic and its challenges as a question. We do not provide answers, but invite discourse and engagement. The motto was used in all event communication including accompanying PR – both online and offline.


When the Internet of Things understands us, will we understand it?

The better the question, the better the answers.

Innovation communication sees itself as an impulse generator. That is why it does not work with ready-made specifications and statements. It is an open system that generates and demands openness. At the same time, it challenges. The aim of this event campaign was to arouse the curiosity of participants from the start-up scene, as well as corporates and investors, and to encourage them to take part. The event was a complete success.

The Internet of Things is a new dimension of digitalization. In our approach, the question of the role of artificial intelligence played an important role. This is not easy to answer because even the developers and planners in this field cannot know 100 percent where the journey will lead. The ambivalence of the topic and the questions about the ethical dimensions as well as the role of “humans” in this game have increased since then. Against this backdrop, our question still has great relevance: “If the Internet of Things understands us, will we understand it too?”