Branding development for very exclusive single cask whisky editions. A value-oriented investment in the trend of the time.




2021 / 2022


Development of an exclusive single cask brand, which is brought to market from one cask each year. The branding is intended to convey the high standards, unique quality and value potential of the product.


Positioning as the “quintessence” of all the traditional values of whiskey across time and space. The product embodies the original meaning of the Arabic term “al-kuhúl” as “the finest”, “the essence”. As a brand, it condenses tradition and a future shaped by sustainability into an extraordinary single cask distillate. Each bottle is unique in form and content. Created for connoisseurs, collectors, true connoisseurs.

Branding Idea:

“The quintessence of all that was and will be.”

"There are things we cannot put into words. So we put it into a cask for thirty years. To become in silence a quintessence of everything that has been, is being, or will be said and done."

Tassei Single Cask whisky embodies more than the trend towards authenticity, traceable origin and character. It is the quintessence of a spirit that overcomes the tension between tradition and commercial interests. It does not simply repeat tradition, but dares to take the step towards transformation.

Stroke by stroke handwork: the stylized still as a handmade signet for connoisseurs

Tassei combines the commitment to tradition with the will to recreate. The whiskey comes from the world of true single malt. In it, the soft spring water is still drawn from a natural source and the malted gesture is turned by hand. Here, the precise, unique shape of the pot still is as crucial as the one, single cask in its nature, origin and history. This ensures that the complexity of this whiskey does not create confusion, but clarity. He can tell where he comes from and who he is.

Against this background, it is only consistent that this whisky is drawn on a bottle that is more than a container. It is a commitment to individuality and authenticity. The real wood cap forms the brand’s “T” as a crowning statement. It is a conclusion and a beginning in one, just like the precious contents.

⸺ Appeal

The attraction of something that is very rare. Like everything that is real, true and unique.

⸺ Idea

The greatest possible condensation of essential values that are passed on sustainably.

⸺ Insight

For connoisseurs and connoisseurs who want to distinguish themselves less by appearances than by the knowledge and possession of truly rare goods and values.

⸺ Tonality

Connected to a great tradition, and yet independent and timeless. Like all true classics.

⸺ Look

Stylish and at the same time natural and earthy craftsmanship.

⸺ On Top

Each edition is different from the other. In addition, there are subtle differences within each edition, the code of which is shared only with a very select group of owners.