We develop a brand language for a small, fine family hotel in Pertisau at the Achensee.


4* Hotel Liebes Caroline in Pertisau at lake Achensee




Development of a brand language for the family hotel that strikes a chord with the times. In doing so, the brand essence was not to be questioned or changed in any way. It was rather a matter of underpinning the existing cordiality of the address with appropriate brand messages in an eye-catching way.


The messages take the perspective of the guests, who simply feel understood and welcomed here. They underline the unpretentious, family-oriented and down-to-earth nature of Hotel Liebes Caroline. At the same time, they convey a sense of entitlement and the fulfillment of a great value proposition: here we are truly welcome just as we are. We can simply experience what we want to experience in a hotel – namely simply vacation as vacation should be.


Here we are just us.

The family hotel Liebes Caroline: Simply in tune with its guests and their wishes.

Hospitality that is taken for granted is anything but. Making it easy for guests is a great art. Some of it can be learned, but that little bit extra has to be lived. The ease with which guests experience a highly sophisticated hotel culture is what makes the difference.

The Brand Voice is aimed at single travelers, families, their children, friends, relatives. It speaks from their hearts. The simplicity with which the language is experienced is, like the hospitality, of high standard. It gets to the heart of what matters. Without ifs and buts. It is artful without being artificial.


⸺ Appeal

The Brand Voice gets to the heart of what matters. It is attractive because it gets to the heart of what satisfied guests think and feel.

⸺ Idea

Here everyone is welcome just as he is. Guests simply feel here the way they always want to feel on vacation and when traveling. They experience cordiality and hospitality in uncomplicated perfection.

⸺ Insight

Whoever comes to the Hotel Liebes Caroline wants genuine attention. Nevertheless, a certain professional distance should remain. With all the desired intensive attention from the hosts, privacy must always be maintained.

⸺ Tonality

Simple, clear and yet to a certain extent unobtrusively “sophisticated”.

⸺ Look

The writing style is individual and seems spontaneous, like a joyful statement. Yet for all the sweep of the brushstroke, it is purposeful and professional. The typeface of the “Brand Voice” does not seem “thrown” at random at all. The images clearly and simply show the beauty of the hotel and its surroundings in Pertisau on Lake Achen.

⸺ On Top

The Brand Voice can be used in many mediums – from social media postings to accessories to brochures, flyers and electronic as well as printed postcards.