We develop a brand architecture for Jenkner Altholztüren (reclaimed wood doors). In doing so, the powerful brand essence is highlighted in its uniqueness of craftsmanship.


Jenkner Altholztüren




Brand architecture as a strong framework for online and print communication as well as effective communication in space and close to the customer.


Redefinition of the traditional concept of luxury into a contemporary, sustainable understanding. The apparent previous contrast of stable functionality (metal) and warm naturalness (wood) is dissolved. This gives rise to a new kind of appeal that places the classic role of a door (room closure) in a new context (furniture). Core message: durability and individuality are the building blocks for exclusivity and value.

Claim: Von Ewigkeit – zu Ewigkeit.  (From eternity – to eternity.)

Wood meets metal, warmth meets cold, soft meets hard - YIN and YANG in harmony.

Jenkner has been a specialist for solid wood doors from Wipperfürth since 1968. The manufactory produces a wide variety of aluminum front doors with solid reclaimed wood. Each door is an exclusive, timeless unique specimen for many generations.

The brand architecture we developed for Jenkner communicates the “YIN and YANG” of the brand, where metal meets natural material. For all their solidity and durability, we also express the warmth of the doors. They are the calling cards of a house, the welcome to residents coming home and to guests who will feel at home here right from the start.

⸺ Appeal

We convey the craftsmanship and passion for quality that the reclaimed wood doors exude as one-of-a-kind pieces. Old things are brought into a new, modern context. They are vintage and modern at the same time. And thus timeless. This creates desirability.

⸺ Idea

Jenkner’s doors are more than doors in the traditional sense. They are a piece of furniture that looks outward and inward, and a calling card for the occupants. It is a unique way of individualization in an era characterized by standardization.

⸺ Insight

Buildings are becoming more and more similar due to rationalization. Quality-conscious tenants and property owners also want to stand out more from the crowd externally. Here, Jenkner offers a very attractive and sustainable solution that will last for generations. The name becomes an individual front-door brand.

⸺ Tonality

The brand voice is aligned with the values, edgy and objective with a clear pinch of emotional touch. The latter comes from the brand and its products, which speak for themselves in their visual and haptic authenticity.

⸺ Look

The look, like the language, conveys edgy craftsmanship. The latter is expressed especially in the logo. Among other things, the reclaimed wood doors are set in relation to nature and the environment, thus unfolding their uniqueness.

⸺ On Top

In addition to a web presence, the brand architecture also includes unique stationery and effective outdoor communications.