We develop the positioning and accompanying communication measures for an iconic traditional hotel in the revitalization process.


Alpenhof am Achensee




Develop a positioning that lays the foundation of the emerging, revitalized Alpenhof brand. Creating desirability among a demanding target audience. Involvement and mobilization of the region and enthusiasm about the revival of this potential, which has been lying fallow for many decades.


We are creating a category of destination that goes “back to the roots” while becoming a sustainable, future-oriented destination. It strikes a chord with a discerning target group seeking the experience of the designed landscape, wild nature, architecture, and genuine hospitality. The term luxury is taking on a new face. It defines places where we can regain the inner strength to master all challenges.


Alles Auf Anfang | Forward to the roots

Giving back something valuable to the region.

Alles Auf Anfang. | Forward to the roots.

AAA. The new Triple-A.

Built near the shores of Lake Achen from 1897 to 1902, the Hotel Alpenhof comes back to life on its park-like grounds. The building was constructed in the Swiss wooden style and is characterized by its curtained wooden balconies and symmetrical and harmonious building axes. In 1929 it was expanded with the participation of Siegfried Mazagg, a representative of early modernism in Tyrol.

From the very beginning, the Alpenhof stood for a new style. With its conversion, the destination realized the vision of the interpenetration of alpine landscape and architecture – a fundamental concern of Mazagg. The hotel is an icon, created by visionaries. For a long time, this potential lay fallow. With the revitalization, something valuable is being returned to the region and guests from all over the world. The claim “Alles Auf Anfang” (“Forward to the roots”) puts this claim in a nutshell. At the same time, it is an invitation to future guests to come back to this place and enjoy what makes life valuable and beautiful.

The newly renovated miniature golf park on Lake Achensee gives a first taste of the Alpenhof experience between lake, mountains, shady trees and blue sky.

⸺ Appeal

A communication that powerfully sums up the visionary appeal of an architectural hotel icon.

⸺ Idea

The positioning “Alles Auf Anfang” (“Forward to the roots”) refers to the Triple-A experience at Achensee, which runs through the entire communication.

⸺ Insight

Especially today, many people long to enjoy really valuable things. It’s about enjoying time with yourself and your loved ones in nature and drawing strength for the future.

⸺ Tonality

The visionary claim of the positioning is brought to life in words and images. The brand voice is value-oriented without being instructive. We don’t want to prescribe an attitude, but we want to whet your appetite for the Triple-A experience.

⸺ Look

The “English green” as the basic color and the golden ornaments refer to the origins of the Alpenhof. They quote a world of values and present it in a modern guise. The “Art Deco” style is reinterpreted.

⸺ On Top

A teaser social media campaign whets the appetite for what’s to come and picks up the guests of the future at the point where they find themselves again.